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Bridge with the ‘Waxworks’ in Sunset Boulevard, featuring Gloria Swanson, Buster Keaton, Anna Q. Nilsson, and H.B. Warner, all big names from the silent film era.

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Empire State Building from Queens, 1952. Photo by Al Fenn for Life Magazine

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The NYC that Never Was: What The Metropolitan Life Insurance Building Could Have Become

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Katharine Hepburn

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Bruno Taut. Pabellón de vidrio

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Quasi table by Aranda/Lasch 

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imagine walking into this in the middle of the night

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Con Giulietta sono più nervoso, più esigente che con altri. Vorrei che facesse bene subito. Sono disposto a tollerare gli errori di tutti, ma quelli di Giulietta mi indispongono. In questo sono profondamente ingiusto. Il fatto è che Giulietta abita dentro di me assai prima degli altri attori: e mi sembra che non le sia consentito sbagliare. A volte vorrei dirle: come, sei nata in questa storia prima di tutti, e ancora non ti senti integrata alla perfezione con l’immagine che stiamo componendo? Giulietta è come se fosse la mia mano. Sarebbe bella che la mia mano, se le ordino di prendere qualcosa, andasse da un’ altra parte.

With Giulietta I am more nervous, more demanding than with others. I want her to do well right away. I am willing to tolerate the mistakes of everyone but those of Giulietta upset me. I am deeply unfair in this. The fact is that Giulietta lives inside of me long before the other actors: it’s as if I feel she is not allowed to make mistakes. Sometimes I would like to tell her: you were born in this story before everyone else and you still don’t feel perfectly integrated with the image we are composing? Giulietta is like my hand. It would be funny that my hand, if I ordered it to get something, went elsewhere.

Federico Fellini

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Fiona Banner

1909-2011, 2010

97 Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft books, 22 x 35 x 375 cm

1909 – 2011 is a four metre stack of Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft books, the iconic compendium for the aeronautical industry. Collecting is a recurrent theme in Banner’s work, and she has compiled this collection over a period of twenty years. Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft represents a shared knowledge, beyond political and national boundaries. As a collection it embodies the history of manned flight and the development of an unwieldy military industry. Now as a very grounded, yet slightly implausible tower, the books have been transformed, through the simplest of means, from a library, list and collection into a piece of sculpture.

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1935 Hispano-Suiza J12 Cabriolet deVille

Hispano-Suiza built some of the most beautiful cars ever made. And the J12 is one of my favourite cars of all times. That’s class and style: the ornaments, the wood, those amazing “mini-bars”… And if the chauffeur talks too much, you always can lift up the window, isolate yourself, and take a double shot of a 30-year-old scotch.